person who travels aimlessly.
Sophie. Ask me.
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kyungsoo’s cute way of walking while performing “history”



Kris wanted to describe Chen as an open (開放) person rather than someone who is shy; but instead, he said “放得開” which means something is either relaxed or can be let go (literally can be opened), resulting in the MC questioning Chen’s “openness” in the bedroom.

the rare moment when the host is gayer than exo


my bias stealing yours

nice shirt you got there, Sir.

nice shirt you got there, Sir.

i own nothing.
credit to owner.

i own nothing.

credit to owner.


Baekchen’s Story. (From 130628 Newsen Interview “EXO Relationship Talk. Are You Two Close? Those That Joined EXO Last: Chen, Baekhyun.” Or: “How SM Makes Kittenpups Sad With Split Promotions.” And: “Prologue to Clingy Co-dependence.”)

89/100 this perfection is guilty as charged for murder. bigtime